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The Witch of Vladimirovac in late 19th century

In the late 19th century, amateur Yugoslavian chemist, Ana di Pištonja, better known as Baba Anujka, lost her husband. She decided to create a laboratory in a room in her home and began brewing and offering the services of chemistry and witchcraft.

She made a good living. Many wives of farmers came to her for “love potions”, “infidelity potions” even potions that would make soldiers sick enough to avoid military service. Her most prolific service though, was far more sinister. Heartbroken women would come to her claiming their husbands were unfaithful, to which Baba Anujka would hand them a potion to give to their husbands that “cures” adultery. 5-10 days later, the men would die.

Many locals thought that Baba Anujka had supernatural abilities, as these seemingly once-healthy men would start deteriorating and dying only days later, “proving” their “guilt”. Little did anybody suspect, one of her main ingredients for the “adultery potion” was the highly-poisonous toxin, arsenic.

At least 50 men were murdered by the Witch of Vladimirovac, but many have claimed upto 150.

She was apprehended in 1928 at age 90 and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1929. She was released due to old age after spending eight years in prison. She died at the age of 99 or 100. Baba Anujka is widely regarded as the oldest serial killer in documented history.


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