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Caladium bicolor : The heart of jesus

The heart of jesus is a poisonous leafy plant. Its paper-thin, heart-shaped leaves lend the plant its common nickname, along with names like “angel wings” and “elephant ear.” Though native to South America, its primary hub of cultivation is now around Lake Placid, Florida, where it has become a popular centerpiece for an annual festival.

This plant has the most iconic leaves that they are arrow-shaped and dual-colored with different patterns based on the type of species. In Latin America, caladium is known as “Corazon de Jesus”, meaning “Heart of Jesus”. Slowly, this name has become its common name.

Caladium bicolor leaf colors are different because, according to legend, a long time ago, gods were keen on painting and creating flowers. Every god had his own special preferences. Gradually, the patterns painted on flowers became real, which is the origin of the Caladium bicolor .

  • Plant Type: Herb
  • Lifespan : Perennial
  • Bloom Time : Winter, spring
  • Plant Height : 15-61 cm
  • Spread : 30-61 cm
  • Flower Size : 10-13 cm
  • Flower Color : White, Yellow, Green Pink

Conditions Requirement: Difficulty Rating Heart of jesus is not difficult to take care of. With proper care, your heart of jesus will grow well under certain environments.


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