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Where do we go for inspiration, procrastination or when we fancy a good read?

We thought you might like to take a closer look at some of our contributor's pages:

Simon Kellow-Bingham:
14th Century Poet

Abigail Wyatt: Abigail Elizabeth Wyatt

Jack Chavoor: The Talking Wall

Alan Hutcheson: Plumboz

Thresholds is an International Post-Graduate short story forum which runs some very interesting articles and
interviews, writing exercises and more. The site is based at the University of Chichester in the UK.

Year Zero Writers share our belief that writing is for readers and readers can download a number of short stories
and poems on this site. Posts are incisive  and provoke interesting comment.

A site that blew our minds when we first fond it is
Worldometers delivering real-time stats on population, healthcare,
world resources and media. If you want to know how many days are left before we run out of oil then this is your

In a similar vein, the
Day and Night World Map is an excellent way to see who might be having
breakfast/sleeping/going out for the evening around the globe!

If you fancy your chances with the BBC then their
Writer's Room is the place to go. There are regular links to
competitions and they accept unsolicited mss...just make sure you have done your research first!

Between the Lines is writer Alison Bacon's blog which has featured interviews with other excellent creative writers
Viccy Adams invites us to know her better through her site where you can listen to her read her work...sometimes
Viccy can be found hanging out at
Incwriters too...

Erica Verrillo is author of Stella's Starwish. Find out more about her on her site...

Virginia Moffatt also has her own place on-line. It's great to be able to see what everyone is up to, what they are
working on, reading etc...

New to us last year was the
National Short Story Week event. Another fabulous initiative to promote the short
story form...

Book Aid International caught our eye recently with their reverse book token and reverse book club where £6.00 a
month buys 3 books you will never see!

Mrs Darcy vs The Aliens  With his tongue firmly in cheek Jonathon Pinnock brings us his 'slightly demented sequel'
to Pride and Prejudice.  This is brilliant stuff and definitely worth the effort of a click through.  Go and read it now!

A Brief Survey of the Short Story  Chris Power at the UK Guardian is currently bringing us a look at the state of the
short story form and  its proponents 'through the ages'.  The series has been running since 2007 and currently
features a certain Mr Tolstoy.  Surely after 'War and Peace' anything he wrote must seem short?

Karen Russell reads
"from Children's Reminiscences of the Westward Migration"  We found this on Youtube.  
Karen Russell is speaking at the Aquinas' Contemporary Writers Series. This terrific story starts with the premise
that the Minotaur pulled a wagon on the Oregon Trail.  Brilliant!  Enjoy!

While you are there check out what our hero
Kurt Vonnegut had to say about how to go about writing a short story!

The British Council  has honoured us with a link on their creative writing links page.  We are in some good company
there and think you should check them out.

Diran Adebayo has put up a reading from his new novel (publication date still to be announced) "The Ballad of Dizzy
and Miss P".  Another tale telling to pass the time in quality company!  The link on the page is a subtle one so you
must scroll down to find it.  Worth the effort folks!  Go and enjoy!

The Rhinoceros and His Thoughts  has made it onto our bookcase.  This is the Write Idea Whittaker Prize-winner's
collection of short stories and poetry.  2009 was a plum year for this writers' group.  We recommend it!

We have recently started looking at directory service sites. One of our current favourites is called
Duotrope. It
claims to offer links to over 2400 current literary sites and has a submissions tracker which keeps you up to date
with your success rate!  The page we have linked to gives a link back here in amongst the long list of sites
beginning with O!

If you have found us through
Duotrope then a warm welcome to you!  If stats are your thing then we can tell you
that we usually reply to all submissions within fourteen days. Our acceptance rate is currently approximately 50%.

What we found interesting about the stats on
Duotrope was that some people were reporting very long response
times. It would seem that a wait of between 100 and 370 days is not unusual. Everyone who works on this Project
also writes and submits work regularly, so we know what waiting for feedback can be like. If you have not heard
from us within 14 days from the date of submission then do not hesitate to e-mail the editor at  
submissions@millionstories.net .

Last year we all made a resolution that this year we would submit to
Liar's League and support their work as much
as we could. They certainly manage to attract some excellent writing and we will definitely be paying one of their
performance nights a visit if we get the opportunity.

We hope you like what we do here at One Million Stories. If you do then please tell as many people as you can to
drop by for a read!

We have been checking out the blogging worlds of some of our contributors. Read about the hell of life in a
crazy-busy airport in the UK at
A Week At The Airport , read about the happy life of a writer as he puts his next
novel together in  the USA at
Sketches by Plumboz , or read what's on the mind of another writer whizzing around
Australia with
Lilit Hotham .

We have been checking out all the great stuff that
The Book Trust does in the UK. You're right, our website is for
adults but there are a lot of great resources for so-called grown-ups
here too.

The Write Idea is a friendly procrastination station with weekly writing challenges and nice community feel. It has
poetry, novel, and playwriting sections  and runs it's own competitions.  It has also pointed us in the direction of the
Canadian Press Globe and Mail which is running short stories all summer.  

The Short Story: This is a favourite with links to the BBC National Short Story Award, a Short Story challenge,
news and reviews, with links to competitions and magazines galore...

There are so many writers with so many pages of stories on the Internet that if we never ever hit a million right here
at least we can point you in the direction of many more.

We have also been reading another Mark Tomlinson tale at
Bewildering Stories.

Tell us what's going on in your neighbourhood!

You Write On: Is a favourite peer review website where you can post short stories, novel extracts, even get your
magnum opus published. Membership is free, the site is sponsored by the Arts Council of England, and popular
tales can qualify for professional feedback. The list goes on. Fantastic... Polish up your next short story with their
help and send it in to us!

You can still read a story from International Booker Winner Alice Munro by clicking on the link below, which will
take you to the New Yorker-coincidentally, the publication that Karen Russell writes for too...

Dimension by Alice Munro

If you would like to link to this site, or see your site listed here then please contact
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