1. What about my copyright?  

That's all yours. You are free to enter into agreements with whomsoever you wish regarding your work. If the One Million
Stories Creative Writing Project helps any writer in their ambition then we will be very pleased. You do however, upon
submission, grant us a royalty free license to publish your story as set out in the
terms and conditions.  

2. When will I learn whether my story has been successful?  

The One Million Stories Creative Writing Project will let you know as soon as possible. If you make a submission on a
Sunday night it will not be read immediately! Do not worry! We read everything that is submitted and we will contact you
within 28 days, probably sooner.  

3. Can I change my submission?  

Because of the volume of work we have to deal with it is not possible for the author to change, edit or rewrite the work after
submission. So make sure you are happy with your story before you send it in. Rejected works can be edited and

4. Will my submission be edited?  

The One Million Stories Creative Writing Project reserves the right to edit all submissions. However, at the heart of the
Project there is a strong desire to present original and new voices within the collection.  

5. Can I submit more than one story?  


What You Need To Know.  

October/01/2008  One Million Stories Creative Writing Project  

Our Commitment To Your Privacy  

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it
is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.  

What Information Is Collected:  As part of the submission process we require your e-mail address and telephone number.  

How That Information Is Used:  Your information is used to handle orders and process submissions, deliver products and
services, process payments, communicate with you regarding your orders, submissions and services. We also use
information we receive to improve your experience of the Project.  

Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data  We comply with the Data Protection Act and treat your information in strict

For more information please Contact Us at simon@millionstories.net  
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